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Mark“Hi there, I’ve been a certified fitness personal since 2013. I have been training in bodyweight calisthenics, HIIT and moment since 2010 when I turned my life around from drinking, smoking, eating junk food to exercising regularly and eating healthily.

The most drastic change I noticed within myself when I discovered health and fitness was the internal change. My mindset shifted from an epicurean lifestyle (living for the moment) to a more stoic way of life which is postponing momentary short-term pleasure for long-term gain for the my future and others.

I noticed this a lot in most people that have made huge transformation and I’ve seen this in our boot campers too. I believe the first step to any transformation is awareness. Becoming aware of the choices you are making and how they effect yourself and people around you. Awareness leads to change. It's easy to show humility in words but another thing to show humility in action.”

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